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MoldLock®の自動機例/MoldLock® Automation




「What we do is what you wish to do」の一例です。

Advancing Plastics is working on the automation of Moldlock®.

Here, we will introduce how the X-801S type is attached to the automatic machine.

This automatic machine is made and sold by Shibata Seimitsu Co., Ltd.

This is an example of “What we do is what you wish to do.”

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ありがとうございます。2周年!/Many Thanks to you All. 2nd anniversary!




「あなたのしたいことを実現します」。このモットーは揺らぎません。 引き続きよろしくどうぞお願いいたします。

Advancing-Plastics is realizing the change of industrial system through the “new way of working” due to the threat of COVID-19. Our company was forced to take temporary leave due to the influence of the coronavirus incidence, but now, new projects and new customers are gradually increasing.

Unfortunately, we refuse face-to-face correspondence indefinitely due to the state of emergency, though thanks to our customer’s understanding. Instead, new approaches are gaining popularity, such as real-time video conferencing, video trial production, and video distributions to individual customers.

Mentioning about change, customers from industries almost unrelated to plastics are increasing. This is simply because of the fascination of Mold Lock’s high-performance ability, such as it’s easy to use, the realization of overwhelming low-cost, and high precision of manufacturing products.

“What we do is what you wish to do”. Thank you for your continued support.

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躍進企業応援マガジン「COMPANY TANK」2020年3月号にアドヴァンシング・プラスチックスが掲載されました。


We were published in the March 2020 issue of the magazine “COMPANY TANK”, a magazine focusing in supporting emerging companies.

Very encoureging to see pioneers and specialized business, Presidents leading the future Japan and the World.

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お伝えしたくてもお伝え出来ないつらさ・・・/Even if I want to say, I cannot…



We are doing lots of interesting things.
Everything we do is all about innovative manufacturing with customers.
We are full of “secrets”, and we, Advancing-Plastics Co., are steadily gaining experience.

Well, here’s eye candy for you; a memorial photo with Ms. Megumi OHJI, a super famous beautiful actress.

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ありがとうございます、1周年!/Thank you, 1st Anniversary!


Thank you to All, we were able to celebrate our first anniversary. With your assistance, Advanced-Plastics Co. is steadily evolving and growing. We will continue to practice our motto “What we do is what you wish to do”. Thank you for your continued support.

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ポリカーボネート光ファイバー/Polycarbonate Optical Fiber

We can easily make optical fiber with completely melted polycarbonate resin.
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樹脂完全溶融 超小型射出成型機:MoldLock®︎(モールドロック®)の販売を始めました/ MoldLock®︎ : the state of the art advancing molding machine is now on sale (only in Japan)


MoldLock®︎ is not on sale outside Japan. It is Japan use only.

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メディアに掲載されました/We’ve been on publication

We’ll be published in the first issue of “Anchor” in the new Reiwa era.
Please go to page 38 and 104 to 105.

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日本発:ニューファッション到来?! 用途は無限!!! / From Japan: New fashion arrival?! Infinite applications!!!

I came with an idea, how about molding plastic to a T-shirt. I used PP for the time being. Planning to try various resins. Infinite applications. I know you can see Flashes and Sink marks, but please pretend not to see, Ha. (Sorry to say, the model is Me.)

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そういえば・・・/By the way…

一月前くらいのことですが、取材を受けました。報道通信社の発行する月刊経営情報雑誌「アンカー(Anchor)」の特集企画の取材です。取材は「オフィス北野」社長/たけし軍団の「つまみ枝豆」さんとの対談形式でした。枝豆さんのイメージと言えば「たけし軍団」「お笑い芸人」「俳優」でしょうか。実際にお会いし感じたことは、勉強家で人の持つ本質を見つけ、理解しようとし、共感し、 それを引き出そうとする暖かく、鋭い眼差しの方でした。弊社の持つプラスチック成型技術にも大変感心を持っていただき、機会があれば「殿(ビートたけしさん)」にお伝えしたいと仰っていただきました(本当かな~)。新元号の第一号に載る予定です。Check it out!!! ぜひ「アンカー(Anchor)」を探してみてください。

About a month ago, I was interviewed for a coverage of a special feature project of the monthly management information magazine “Anchor” issued by the press news agency. The interview was a formal conversation with Mr. Edamame TSUMAMI, President of “Office KITANO”. Speaking of Mr. TSUMAMI, his image to me was; a member of “Takeshi-Gundan”, “comedian”, “actor”? But what I felt from him was actually a gentleman with warm and sharp eyes who was trying to find the essence of people, to understand, to sympathize, and to draw out that person. Mr. TSUMAMI was very impressed with our plastic molding technology, and said that he would like to tell his master, the world famous Takeshi KITANO, about Advancing-Plastics when he has the opportunity. (Really?). “Anchor” is scheduled to appear in the first issue of the new Japan era. Check it out!!! Please certainly look for “Anchor”.